This research framework helped them to increase the site`s overall conversion rate by 100%…

With the help of this study framework, they were able to double the overall conversion rate of the site…

When you are looking for a long time:

1.Your business changes over time.
2. Your website’s text is written by more than one person.
3. This makes your site’s voice sound different from place to place.

In other words, the copy you have gets old.

HubSpot had the exact same problem.

When they used this study framework and made changes to their copy, they saw a nearly 100% rise in conversions.
When you fight for 0.1% gains for a few years and then see a 100% improvement, it’s a big deal.

Here’s the plan they stuck to:

1. Interviews with employees
1.1. The product team talked about how the product used to be and how it changed over time so they could write about how it is now.
1.2. The sales team talked about the best ways to answer questions and deal with complaints.
1.3. The support team talked about the questions and complaints that leads asked over and over again.

2. Talks with customers.
They put their viewers into three groups:

2.1.Active (for more than 3 months): They were asked about their biggest problems, their top goals, and the benefits they saw.
2.2. Leads: We found out what people don’t like about the current website and what problems they’re having.
2.3. Dead Accounts: This helped them figure out what went wrong and how they could fix it.

3. They used the customers’ own words to describe their problems, fears, and wants.
3.1 They used the same words in their titles, body copy, and calls to action.

Total signups for a product went up by 27%.
+35% in total number of demo requests.
With the new “Get Started” flow, the site’s conversion rate has gone up by 100%.



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