They were able to increase their organic traffic by 20% thanks to this method.

You should forget on getting a lot of organic traffic if your domain authority is poor.


Silvio Porcellana succeeded in raising his DA from 29 to 34.

His organic traffic increased by 20% as a result.


This is how he did it:

  1. He wrote 44 guest pieces for various blogs that ranged in domain authority from 25 to 77/100.
  2. Each guest article included direct connections to the author’s blog and website.
  3. Of the blogs he contacted, 30% agreed to his idea, 15% were uninterested, and 55% did not answer.
  4. He was connecting with readers in the comments section of his posts. Then he discovered that 5% of those individuals became leads.


The similar strategy was utilised by another vacation website, except it concentrated on marketing just one page and one keyword.


Results: With just 5 guest posts, they were able to bring their article to the top of Google.

  1. Their organic traffic grew four-fold.


Source: ahrefs

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