They got 35x more traffic than expected. Here’s how…

When deciding what keyword to write about in your next blog post, you can use Google Keyword Planner to do study.
Do you? I hope you do.:)

And when the average number of searches for a term is low, we usually don’t use it.
Yes, there aren’t as many of them…
But it’s not worth your time to work on a term that only 10 people will see.

Make sense.

Here’s the secret, though.

These people wrote a piece just for a keyword that gets very few searches on average (less than 10).
After some time, they looked at their numbers and found the following.
352 impressions a month on Google! That’s 35 times as much traffic as Google thought would come.


Because when you write a good piece, it gets found not only by your main keyword, but also by a lot of long-tail keywords you didn’t even think of.

Conclusion: Don’t let the low number of searches stop you from writing a blog post about a good topic with low competition.



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