If you want to get 100x more traffic from your stuck Facebook ad campaigns – Duplicate them. [study]

Two of MedieJobb.info’s Facebook ads failed to reach their intended audience. Very few people visited their site.
After employing this one simple strategy, their site visitors multiplied by a factor of 100.

Why did they do that?

They just kept running the same campaigns over and over again.
Just that?
They used the same strategy for other campaigns, and it always succeeded. The duplicated campaign also had significantly lower CPCs than the account as a whole, by an average of 50%.
If so, why?
The reason for this is that Facebook uses the first 1,000 impressions for determining eCPM. Because of the small sample size, the calculated cost may as well be a gamble due to the lack of statistical significance. If your campaign bombed, try again and hopefully this time you’ll win big.


Source: www.adngin.com


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