How to use this free tool to quickly and effectively 5x your organic traffic

Have you ever used Google search and seen 1-to-5 star ratings (also known as Rich Snippets Stars)?

Both the Paid Ads section and the Organic part both display it.


Did you realise that this modest addition can raise CTR by as much as five times?

Yeah. enormous difference


I initially believed I could only use it to write product reviews, but

It turns out that I can use Rich Snippets Stars for anything, not just for items. even for my posts on my blog.

Consequently, increase blog visitors by up to 5 times.

Sounds motivating, no? 🙂


The only remaining issue is how to put it into practise.


The world’s most popular blogging platform (WordPress) users can use this hack in about 5 minutes by installing the free WP-PostRatings plugin.

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