How to get prospects for your product who are 5x more likely to buy? Here are the instructions…

I mentioned this in an earlier email, but people who comment on blog postings are five times more likely to make a purchase.

If you knew how to get in touch with others in your niche, what would happen?

Yes, you can. This is how:

1.First, type in “input your niche keyword here” and see what comes up.

2.You can learn more about the commenters on a blog article by clicking on their names.

3.Third, many profiles provide a way to get in touch with the writer directly by linking to their website.

4.Include the commenter’s name and the article’s title in an email response.

A useful algorithm that could be automated into a useful utility, by the way. Is this something you’d like to create? 😉 Tell me when you’re finished. 🙂


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