How they were able to generate 29x more leads…

When people visit your website and then leave, you waste valuable time and money.
When people give you their email address, you can turn them into customers for free in the long run.

Sumome looked at more than 3.2 billion pop-ups and opt-in forms and found that only 1.95% of people chose to sign up for emails on average.

InboundAscension got a 5% opt-in rate, which means they got 2.5 times as many leads.
But then they changed how they did things and got 58% of people to sign up! That’s 29 times as many prospects!
Insane! Isn’t it?

So how did they manage to do this?

They changed the offers in their “opt-in” pop-ups from general ones to “the next step” ones.

What’s the meaning of that?
When someone reads your piece, they are interested in what they are reading.
So your goal is to offer a piece of content that is “the next step” after the present content.

For example, if someone reads your story “How to improve your headlines to get more clicks,” the next step bonus should be about how to improve headlines (not a whole book on copywriting)…



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