How pros get inbound traffic (+ free tool)

Having a blog with extension link back to your site will greatly increase your authority in Google’s eyes.

But unless you know this clever win-win strategy, it’s very hard to gain links from those blogs.

In under 90 days, Michael Chibuzor was able to use this method to build 27 links websites.

So, here’s the method:

The simplest method to obtain links from scholarly resources is to use broken link construction.
Your job is simply to identify broken links within these sites and offer alternatives, such as your own work.

However, locating a broken link requires extensive physical labour that could take years.

Here is the simplest guideline ever for getting things done immediately:

  1. Google this: “blog” + your_keyword
  2. Copy a link to an .edu blog that writes about your topic.
  3. Go to this free magical tool. I was looking for it for so long. It will scan the entire website for you = no need to do it manually link by link.
  4. Enter URL of the edu blog.
  5. Type in security code
  6. Choose “Report all occurrences of each dead link (may be slower)”
  7. Hit “Find broken links now”.
  8. Look at how magic does all the job for you.
  9. Get a list of broken links.
  10. Send an email and say: “Hey, your awesome article has a broken outdated link. Here’s a similar one: your_link”




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