[crazy hack] 40.2% conversion rate from cold traffic on an audience of 1 million…

The power of Facebook ads is impressive, but it takes a lot of time and money to try different approaches and determine which ones will yield the best return.

Here’s a tip that boosted Peter Visser’s conversion rate from cold traffic to 40.2% among a population of 1 million.

Following is the equation:

1. Locate the “guru” in the field. Something like a magazine, book, or even a television show.
2. Determine the most often asked question and provide a detailed response. So, to illustrate:
Here are 7 [expert] tips for [improvement].
In this case, you may offer something like, “Download 7 [guru] Strategies to Get College Funding – Plus: How to Do It With Kids” if your audience is mothers interested in furthering their education.
3.choose’moms who have no higher education’ and ‘those who have demonstrated an interest in [guru]’ when defining your targeting and producing your ad.

That settles the matter.
When Peter used this strategy, his conversion rate increased by 40.2%!


Source: www.socialmediatoday.com

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