29 tricks that help Booking.com to convert 27 million customers every month

Booking.com has 29 words and tricks that address different fears and get 27 million people to book rooms from them every month:

1. More than 586,000 hotels, apartments, houses, and other places to stay.
2. Most rooms let you cancel for free!
3.A list of the most recent reservations that is updated every few seconds.
4. A pop-up that says “Discounts of 20% or more!” or “Save at least 20% in Rome” when you try to leave.
5. Guarantee of the lowest price.
6. A list of the most popular search features that you can click on.
7.Recommended, Stars, and Review score are the factors for the filter.
8. X people are interested in this hotel.
9. Latest booking: X minutes ago.
10.Booking.com is the best place to find a place to stay, and it has trust marks.
11. An overview of comments in the form of a carousel.
12. Big, beautiful pictures.
13. Our site only has X left.
14. You can stop for free before [DATE].
15. Reserve (instant confirmation)
16. Hurry! This deal won’t last forever.
17. Here are three reasons to choose “YOUR SELECTED HOTEL”: low prices, people who speak your language, and 579 reviews that can be trusted.
18. The price is the best.
19. There are no payments due today. You’ll pay during your stay.
20. This house is in a good place. The guests gave it an X.
You’ve chosen a hotel with a score of X from past guests.
22. In the last 5 minutes, X people from “YOUR COUNTRY” have booked a room.
23. You can start making a safe reservation right here; it only takes 2 minutes.
24. A pop-up that says, “The details you’ve entered will not be saved if you leave this page.”
25. “Booking.com is one of the biggest and most valuable companies in [SELECTED COUNTRY].”
26. Plan change? Hey, it happens. You can quickly change your dates, guest information, add special requests, or cancel your entire reservation before DATE>.
27. Your credit card number won’t cost you anything; it’s just needed to hold your room.
28. Your credit card won’t be charged; it’s just needed to make sure your reservation is made.
29.Reserve this room. Get an answer right away.

Which of these tricks did you plan to try for your business or have you already tried?



Source: online-metrics.com


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