Your cost per acquisition will go up by 24% as a result of this common error.

Did you know that? According to studies, tweets that mention another handle have a 6% lower click-through rate.

  1. There is a 24% higher CPA and a 3% lower CTR for tweets with one or more hashtags.


Twitter’s blog is the source.


The template that inspired 14% of consumers who had previously abandoned carts to respond and give amazing insights…


It hurts when consumers depart…

And there’s nothing you can do about it.


However, Alex from Groove was able to use abandoned consumers as a source of valuable knowledge.


He was able to use these insights to: + Find bugs that current customers weren’t reporting; + Spot issues with their user experience that they missed; + Identify workflow inefficiencies for scenarios they had never thought of.


They were able to address those problems as a result and stop existing consumers from leaving.


Here is the same email that Alex sent to his disgruntled clients, which had a 14% response rate:


What could we have done more effectively?


Good day, First Name


You didn’t upgrade your Groove account, I saw that. There are no bitter feelings on my part because I absolutely comprehend that Groove isn’t the right fit for everyone.


But if you’re open to it, I have a simple query: what may we have improved upon to win your business?


Simply click “respond” and inform me.





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