With no money invested, Sarah was able to acquire over 1,000 new subscribers using this strategy.

You wrote a fantastic article that received many shares and rose in the Google results pages.

You spent a week making it and two weeks promoting it.


The only chance to advance right now is to devote three further weeks to writing another spectacular article.





With a different strategy and a one-day investment, Sarah Peterson gained over 1,000 new subscribers in just 60 hours. all for a fee of nothing.


The method is known as republishing.

This is how you can use it:


  1. Look for publications that allow republishing.

Here’s a quick tip on how to accomplish it easily:

Simple search for YOUR TOPIC “this article was first released”


  1. Send an email in the following format:

Subject: [Something intriguing and distinct]


Hello [name of editor]


[Personally connected]


Recently, I published an article on [subject] that my readers found to be interesting. I believe readers of [publication name] will adore the post as well since [why?].


I’ve placed the article in this email’s body below; if you’d like to read the original, here’s the link:




I would be thrilled to have it republished on [publication name] if you like it and think it would fit.


Tell me what you believe.


(Your name)


  1. Request that your original article be given a canonical tag after it has been accepted; this will help Google determine where the original item is.

The following link is canonical: “YOUR URL HERE”


Source : sumo.com

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