Want a multi-million dollar launch? Here’s a short secret… (+ my case study)

Chris Haddad’s sales letters and videos have helped launch products that have made millions of dollars.

The key to his success was revealed, and he told us all about it.

Tell a story instead of just listing features and benefits to get your point across.
Sadness, love, anger, and the full range of human emotion should all be present in a well-told story.

Adoptions are pushed by extreme feelings.

He suggests starting a story in the middle of the action and then filling in the details.

This method was tried and true by me.

1. I promoted my book without providing a plot.
Total earnings of $2,633

Two months later, I had the same product to sell to the same demographic that I had before I added my stories.
Income of $5,559 as a direct result.

I was able to double my income thanks to the stories I wrote.

Although: 1. I’m a complete amateur when it comes to weaving tales.
Because I speak English as a second language.
3 Two months ago, 223 customers purchased the product.

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