They know how to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that their customer service is the greatest

You are aware that one of the cornerstones of your long-term success is customer service.

But how do you distinguish yourself from the competition and show that you offer a calibre of service that nobody even knew was possible?


What Nextiva did is as follows:

When a consumer contacts them with a question (through social media, email, the company website, etc.), they personally answer it in a YouTube video.


Ha? 🙂

How would you react if you got a video like that? 🙂

Would you want to be one of the 68% of consumers who left a business because they felt that they were unimportant? 😉


These recordings can then be used as evidence of how much they value their clients.


I was selecting a hosting company for my new blog a week ago.

In the top five list, I had to decide between #1 and #4.

I was prepared to use option #1. But I went with option #4.


I inquired about both businesses.

I was astounded at #4’s amount of support.



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