They discovered a magic number for the best conversions after analysing over 3.5 million opt-ins

Over 3.5 million opt-ins from “Scroll Popups” were analysed by Sumo, and they discovered the magic number that maximises conversions.


You’re familiar with the modal windows that appear when you scroll down to a specific section of an article, landing page, or product page.

You then likely wondered, “Where’s the best place to show them?”


This is what the extensive research indicates.


47.7% down your page is the ideal location for your “Scroll Popup” to appear.



This product page pop-up converts opt-ins at a 38.4% rate…


A popup was added by the author to the product page of an ebook, and it generated a staggering 38.4% of opt-ins.


These are the specifics:


  1. 15 seconds after a visitor had looked at the product page, the pop-up window appeared.
  2. It included a free excerpt from the book’s first chapter.


38.4% of visitors left an email!


That’s a fantastic method to encourage sales, cultivate your audience, and even advertise your upcoming book or product.



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