The highest customer LTV globally

TemplateMonster was looking for a formula for a successful customer relationship.

They wasted more than half a year on the analysis and description of all their business processes, paid expensive consultants, purchased pricey software, and hired expensive consultants.

The end result: It all made sense on paper.


Then David Braun, CEO of TemplateMonster, made the decision to learn everything for himself. Shortly after, he was shocked to learn that dentists, paediatricians, and other doctors generated the highest customer lifetime values worldwide.


He identified 4 essential “HACK” components that the top doctors have that make them masters of patient relations:


  1. Sincerity.

Even if it results in a patient paying them less now, the best doctors are incredibly honest with their patients.

Instead of a quick buck, they receive long-term trust, loyalty, and recommendations.


  1. Concentration

Prior to speaking, they listen carefully and retain all pertinent information.


  1. Care.

They delve into the client’s issues, fully grasp them, and demonstrate empathy.

They treat everyone equally and don’t care about the size of the average check; instead, they focus on doing everything they can to help.


  1. Information.

They are experts in their field.



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