Study: How to crack your growth blind spots within a day

All of us, no matter how well-informed, have flaws and blind spots.
And they limit our ability to expand.

Micah and Matt, two lads, found a novel way to deal with this problem.

The outcomes of using this method are as follows:
First, there was a dramatic increase in revenue.
They were inundated with communications from potential backers.
Third, staff members began to take greater interest in, and ultimately lead, strategic company activities.

Here’s the strategy, which we term “Growth executives swap companies for a day”:

First, I offered to spend a day at your office pointing out your blind spots and offering suggestions for improvement. And same. You in?”
In came both them and their superiors.

Second, they gave each other an overview of their respective company’s data and operations a few days before the swap.

And then they started the day by peppering everyone with questions about everything from margins and virality to seasonal buying patterns and past hiring to email marketing and acquisition and personas and lifetime value and branding and conversions.

4. The afternoon was spent drafting a document that included the following sections: + Macro opinions on the business + opinions on the how they may gain more time & headspace + Growth strategy feedback (what I’m seeing, what’s wonderful, what’s missing, etc.) + Tactical ideas for untapped areas.

They distributed these records to one another and the world at large in 5.


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