Maître found some pretty intriguing conclusions after analysing 3,691,345 sent emails.

Here is what Maître discovered after reviewing 3,691,345 emails that were sent:


In less than 5 minutes, 70% of people validate their email address.


Don’t limit the verification period to five minutes if you want to encourage individuals to confirm their email addresses as quickly as possible.

If not, you’ll lose 30% of your audience.


The ideal period for verification is 12 hours.


More information

The most interesting emails to send when encouraging recipients to invite or refer their friends are:

  1. CTR of 7% for “Lost Positions Email”
  2. CTR of 5% for “Gained Positions Email”
  3. CTR of 3% for “Welcome Email”
  4. CTR of 1% for “New Referral Email”



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