LTV for lifestyle enterprises is 10 times greater.

I once conducted a data analysis and found that clients from one channel produce an LTV that is 10x–20x larger than the norm. This page is about my books. I include a request for readers to sign up for our email list in every book.


I’ve already provided step-by-step instructions on how to dominate a particular category on Amazon, but this is nothing in comparison to… becoming a New York Times bestseller.


But until today, when James Clear generously explained how his book became a New York Times bestseller, I had no idea how to meet this challenging standard.


  1. From 2012 to 2015, he published 1-2 pieces per week on his site After that, visitors were turned into email subscribers.


  1. He acquired more than 200,000 email subscribers by 2015. and then used them as leverage to meet literary agents.


  1. He chose an agency in the middle of 2015 and worked on a book proposal for three months.


  1. Late 2015. The proposal was forwarded to 19 publishers by the agent. 7 responded and requested a meeting.


  1. Late 2015. He took a plane to New York. Four publishers submitted offers. He picked the finest one, agreed to write the book in a year, and signed a contract.


  1. Late 2016. The book wasn’t complete. He requested an additional one-year extension. Fortunately, the publisher gave the extra time.


  1. Early 2018. Three months late, he submitted the manuscript.


  1. Mid 2018. The team planned and worked on the book launch for nine months:

80+ podcast interviews in less than two months.

Numerous text interviews totaling 8.2.

8.3 He requested every favour he could think of and made an effort to be everywhere at once.


  1. November 16, 2018. debut day. He took a plane to New York and appeared in a CBS This Morning episode. The book soars into Amazon’s Top 10.


  1. On 25 October 2018. The New York Times dubbed his book Atomic Habits a best seller.


Easy, right? No? 😉 But if you are managing a lifestyle business, it is unquestionably worthwhile.


the website


How do you get someone’s viral material to drive traffic for them? ============== Automatically.


Consider a link that becomes popular.

It’s shared on social media.

Many individuals begin to share or retweet that link.

The link is opened by friends of those who shared it.

They won’t notice anything about you or your source other than that link from Mashable (or another site).


But what if the link always promotes you, regardless of how often it is shared?


Does it seem too wonderful to be true?


The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Register for free on Quuu to receive recommendations for hand-curated content for your social media profiles.
  2. To have this content published automatically, register for free on Buffer.
  3. Create a free account to automatically transform regular links into ones that perpetually display a badge on the page.


On-the-Ramp Social Media Automation:



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