In 5 days, this person received 350K viral downloads. This is how…

Andy McCune: 1. Made a straightforward app in one day.

  1. 350K downloads were generated virally in 5 days.




  1. He saw that at the end of 2015, this website,, received 1 million views every day.

The concept was straightforward: compile the user’s best 9 Instagram photographs into a collage.

Then, add the total number of likes received in 2015.

Additionally, provide “Created by [app name]” credits.

You start a viral loop when you share this collage.


  1. Andy developed the same app for 2016 instead.


  1. Named the application “Top Nine for Instagram — Best Of 2016” in an effort to win the “Best Nine” competition.


  1. Paid influencers $1,700 to use his app to create collages that they then shared with their followers and launched the initial viral wave.


  1. The app gained 350K downloads in 5 days after becoming viral.


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Source: hackernoon

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