How Vero increased free trial and paying customers by 3 times without adding any new users

Vero employed email marketing in the same ineffectual manner as the rest of companies.

They had a 2% conversion rate for either free trials or paying consumers.


They then adopted a new strategy.

Their conversion rate went up 3.91 times as a result!


The first thing they did was send the identical emails with the same offers to all of their users.


Here is the new strategy:

They started to develop several automated email sequences for the various list groups.


One example of a group is those who had not yet begun utilising a certain function.

  1. People who recently registered for a free newsletter.
  2. Those who registered for a free trial had not used Vero in any way or turned into paying clients.



A precise, automated email sequence is sent to each group.

It appears that the 3.91 times increase in both paying and free trial clients was worthwhile.


Source : Sixteen Ventures, Inc.

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