How to overcome your growth blind spots in a day, according to a study

No matter how intelligent we are, we all have flaws and blind spots.

They also limit our ability to grow.


Micah and Matt, two lads, discovered a creative solution to this problem.


The outcomes of using this strategy are as follows:

  1. The rate of revenue growth accelerated.
  2. They received a deluge of communications from potential investors.
  3. Employees began taking initiative for important organisational initiatives and other things.


The strategy, named “Growth executives exchange companies for a day,” is as follows:


  1. “I’ll come to your office for an entire day and provide input on your blind spots. You in?” was the initial request.

They were inside with their employers.


  1. A few days previous to the swap, they exchanged an overview of the data and operations of their respective companies.


  1. Then they bombarded us with questions to start the workday, including but not limited to inquiries about margins, virality, seasonal buying patterns, prior hiring, discounts, email marketing, acquisition, personas, LTV, branding, conversions, and a host of other subjects.


  1. The following document was written during the second half of the day:

macro-business considerations

+ Suggestions on how they could free up more time and mental space

+ Feedback on the growth strategy (what I’m observing, what’s excellent, what’s lacking, etc.)

+ Strategies for uncharted territory.


  1. They disseminated these materials throughout the world and among themselves.



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