How Thrive Market grew from nothing to $120 million in just three years…

At first, all VC firms turned down Thrive Market.

The company’s co-founders, who ran it from their homes, funded it themselves.


3 years later, they attained annual revenue of $120 million (over 2M paying subscribers).


How did they acquire those customers?


They were the leaders of the first movement, which aimed to “make healthy living affordable and accessible to everyone.”

  1. They provide free shipping and discounts of 25% to 50% on health food purchased directly from retailers.
  2. They demand a $60 annual membership fee in return.
  3. They donate a membership to a low-income household for each paid membership.


Influencers and content:

They produce “content” centred on their movement.

  1. Because this content doesn’t appear to be promotional, influencers are happy to share it.
  2. An illustration of their “material” is the official government petition they started to make US food handouts available online.

Over 310,000 signatures, hundreds of millions of media impressions, and letters of support from senators and congressional members were all produced as a result of their use of influencers.


As a result, the government’s USDA agency unveiled a trial programme to make food assistance available online.


What do you believe in?

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