How this startup managed to make $100k in a month after launching with $0 invested…

If you want to make money from your company, it could take a long time and a lot of money.
According to this study, no.

In its first 30 days, Topo was able to make $100,000.

Here are the steps they took that you can follow:
Ryan loved his standing desk, but his legs got tired of it quickly.
2. Chose to solve the problem on his own.
3. Tried things out and, after a while, made a mat with a measured surface to encourage healthy movement and a range of postures.
4. Found out that the competition for the term “standing desk calculator” is low.
5. Made “Standing Desk Calculator” and started collecting emails.
6. Started a blog called “QuittingSitting” and used it to collect emails.
7. They sometimes gave away free beta tests of prototypes to people on their email list.
8. Gave their email users a reason to share (this trick made their list 2,000% bigger).
9. Started a pre-sales effort for people who sign up for their email list.
10. Gave writers a cut of pre-sales in exchange for putting them on their sites.
11. After influencers tweeted about Topo, they put that tweet in a Facebook ad that was shown to friends of that influencer. (smart:))

They made $100,000 in 30 days after the launch, but they didn’t spend a dime on making their mats.



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