How this solopreneur managed to climb from $0 to $20K MRR in 5 months…

Russ Perry didn’t have a job on September 1, 2014. No cash. Nothing to do. Nothing.

On May 21, 2015, he started a new business that brought in recurring earnings of $20,000 per month.

Here’s how it went down:
1. Came up with the idea of a flat-rate contract that gives unlimited help with graphic design for small, clear requests.
2. He asked himself, “What price seems fair?” and $195 per month came to mind. That was how he set his prices.
3. On December 26, 2014, he put up his simple website, which cost him $88.82.
4. Spent most of his time sending emails to new prospects, writing a dozen guest blogs, making contact lists of everyone he’s met in the last ten years, and hitting the drum every day.
5.That helped him go from having no monthly recurring revenue to having over $6,000 in just one week.
6. Spent $4,526.29 on a Facebook ad that said, “Want a free logo? We’ll make you a unique graphic in 1 business day (no credit card needed).
This ad brought in 496 prospects. 30 of them bought something. This means that the ads brought in $5,850 per month, which is a 633% return on investment.
7.He used Facebook Custom Audiences and Infusionsoft to manage his sales system by using marketing automation.

RESULTS: After 5 months, his startup was bringing in recurring earnings of $20,000 per month. They made $300k at the end of the first year.

As of 2020, they had 505 workers, 3,000 customers, and 12,000 design requests per week. Their annual recurring revenue was $14 million. What a way to grow!

This kind of success doesn’t come out of nowhere. What small steps will you take to grow your company or SaaS today?



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