How this new SEO tool made $250K in a week in a cutthroat market while spending $0 on marketing

A well-liked SEO tool in the Russian-speaking market was serpstat.

However, they had no place in a market that was extremely cutthroat.


With that, they were able to acquire 6400 clients and make $250K in a single week while spending zero on marketing.


Why did they succeed?


The actions they took were as follows:


  1. They first came upon AppSumo.

If you are unfamiliar with them, every other week they send their 730,000+ email subscribers a fresh, intriguing lifetime deal.

They could highlight your product.


  1. They submitted a form on this page in order to be considered for an AppSumo promotion:


  1. No one responded for two months.


  1. They tracked down a friend whose SaaS had previously been highlighted on AppSumo and requested them to introduce them.

It was beneficial. They were welcomed.


  1. Following approval, Serpstat created:

5.1. A limited-time offer for $39 USD (regularly $19/month).

A unique landing page (5.2).

5.3. A unique video introduction.

5.4. A dedicated 24/7 schedule for their customer service crew to accommodate the countless questions (they received 685 comments).

5.5. Two additional servers are needed to manage thousands of newly enrolled users (they got 8400).


  1. The offer was highlighted. They received 6400 consumers as a result, and they made $250K in one week.
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