How this lone founder increased his business’s MRR from $0 to $5K in a year while only investing $0.

A Ukrainian entrepreneur named Sergey Zuev operated several enterprises, but they all failed.


He then adopted a different strategy and developed his firm from nothing to $5,000 MRR without any outside funding.


What he did was as follows:


  1. He learned about their suffering when speaking with potential customers (from his failing startup). They were prepared to pay for an end to this suffering.


  1. As a result, he developed, a landing page that describes a solution (that he did not yet have) (Connect your sales software with Google Analytics and track your website visitors all the way to a physical sale).


  1. Sergey began advertising for it on Quora and Google Adwords.


  1. He had his first client as a consequence from New Zealand, who paid him $3K up front to produce the first draught.


  1. He learned exactly how to create this solution from the client.


  1. He began marketing the solution to more customers after providing the first one with it successfully. A Fortune 250 corporation was one of them most recently.



$5K MRR each year (and 95% of clients pay for the entire year at once).


All of this was accomplished without the help of an investor or the builder’s own resources (effort and money).

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