How this guy took an API side project to over 250 Million daily requests with a $0 marketing budget…

It’s nearly impossible to track down an API marketer. They must be technically savvy enough to fully grasp the API, articulate enough to describe it, and persuasive enough to argue that it is the best option.

He clearly didn’t bother looking for a marketer. He spent a couple of hours developing the API and a couple of minutes publicising it. Okay, that settles it. And in just three months, his API was receiving two hundred and fifty million calls per day.

What he did is as follows:

1. Someone asked a Stack Overflow question (a community of developers).

To address this issue, our guy built a basic application programming interface (API). (= demand was the impetus for creation)

His response topped the list because it was the best overall and contained the most useful information in an approachable format. (= he really helped)

Four months had passed before our guy remembered this… Boom! The 250 million daily requests were a concern to him.

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