How Patreon doubled their activation success with this single question…

Patreon is an online service that lets creators manage patron subscription services.
A major issue arose when people started getting dropped off all over the place during the onboarding procedure.

With just one inquiry, they were able to increase their engagement level by a factor of two.

The question was…

They queried, “What are you helping with, saying over and over to our creators?” across sales, community, and customer service.
How do I create a successful Patreon page?
Option 2: “Writer’s block and how to overcome it. We’re demonstrating how others in their field have handled similar situations by providing examples.”
In response to question #3, here is what we heard: “Creators don’t know and go nuts over Patreon’s low 5% cut because 30% to 50% fees are the norm in the market.”
Solution 4: “Many artists avoid begging or pleading with their audiences for financial support. Seeing how other people have accomplished this without appearing to beg was very helpful.”
Option 5: “Top-earning authors feel our WYSIWYG editor is too simplistic, giving their work an unprofessional appearance. They are prepared to invest in a professional back-end tool, further education, and additional time in order to perfect their campaigns.”

The end result was a doubling of Patreon’s activation rate after they implemented all the insights across their funnel.



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