How Nick managed to charge 10x on a highly competitive boring market…

Visits to museums. Oversaturated with rivals.
No one is interested in getting into business here.

No one else but Nick Gray.
He doubled his price without losing any customers.


First, he veered away from the standard academic flow of dry information in favour of telling surprising anecdotes.
The stories were so entertaining that people were sharing them with others, thereby increasing Nick’s potential clientele.

He suggested that customers imbibe in alcoholic beverages during the tour, treating it like a party.

Three, he walked at a pace that was twice as fast as the average museum tour.

He aimed for people who aren’t typical museum visitors and advertised the event as a lighthearted way to spend two hours.

He sped through the rest of the tour and ended on a high note. 5.

I’ll send you a sample of one of Nick’s emails that was successful in getting people to attend his networking event, even the shy ones.


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