How Ionut managed to turn his failure into a $60K/m business

It was then that he made the decision to start making and selling WordPress themes.
He decided to call it quits after sinking $10,000 and six months into the venture. The thing is, he didn’t.
After 6 months of experimentation, he was making $60,000 monthly.

Take a look at these:

He made a $3,000 purchase on of another WordPress themes website. It was bringing in about $300 monthly at the time. He modified the theme and tripled the monthly income from $300 to $900.

Two, he paid a few hundred dollars to buy a similar plugin that was available for free on WordPress and modified it so that it could be used for free with optional in-app purchases. A monthly increase in sales of $1,500 was the result.

After that, he doubled, tripled, and quadrupled the prices. As a result, he is now making $5,000 per month.

Finally, he paid for the privilege of using another well-known design as the basis for his WordPress theme. Once again, he made it a premium plugin with a free tier. As a result, he is now making $20,000 per month.

He was able to multiply his success by five times by utilising A/B testing, blogging, and reinvesting in marketing.

Rather than starting from scratch, it may be simpler to invest in something that already exists and then market and scale it.

Source: How we grew ThemeIsle into a $50,000 per month business | by Ionut Neagu | Medium

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