How a lone founder made $170 million in three years, according to a study

You’re likely familiar with Mint, which Aaron Patzer created in 2006.

Startups are typically started by a team. Its sole founder was this man.


The company was bought for $170 million after 3 years.


Aaron used the following steps to arrive to this outcome:


#1: Aaron started concentrating on high-caliber blogging in 2006.

delivered financial advice along with videos, infographics, and link roundups.


#2. He included an email opt-in for his beta list at the conclusion of each blog article.


#3 Reddit and Digg users shared Mint’s content widely.


Before even releasing their software, they compiled a collection of nearly 20k emails in just 9 months.


#5 asked for “I want Mint” badges to be embedded on blogs and social media pages in order to grant VIP access.

As a result, links appeared on more than 600 blogs while users fought for access.


Participated in startup events, number six. won TechCrunch40 as a result.


Hired a PR firm, which in a few years helped Aaron land roughly 550 interviews. Aaron performed a press tour for one week every two months.



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