How a European SaaS business attracted 10,000 paying clients in just three years?

In just three years, a European SaaS company named Pipedrive attracted 10,000 paying clients.


This is how:


  1. With a focus on quality design and support, they developed a simple-to-use sales CRM.

1.2. The creators’ keen awareness of the problems with sales software is their main focus.

  1. I acquired my first 20 customers from friends and family.
  2. For months, I hustled and networked in the Bay Area.
  3. Completed the company accelerator programme at Angelpad.
  4. Used Appsumo to promote (I wrote about it many times in the previous growth hacks).
  5. Started building their email list and began sending out onboarding emails, estimates, and helpful advice.
  6. When competition was really low, I created a Google Chrome Extension and received about a third of all new signups from this channel (it means you need to look for new emerging platforms you can use to boost growth).
  7. started a no cost two-week email course (still works well).
  8. Emphasizing content and SEO around low-competition keywords along with email list creation.
  9. Adwords was tested. figured out which keywords produce a profitable ROI and scaled them.
  10. Expanded its PPC activities in Brazil, Russia, and Mexico.



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