Growth hacking example of Clubhouse

We can use Clubhouse to illustrate how a well-marketed brand can succeed.Clubhouse stands out from other audio related social media platforms because of the exclusive atmosphere it has cultivated.

This is one of the most effective methods of advertising that any company can employ to increase sales. They’ve figured out how to put regular folks in a “VIP situation” while still making them feel special. It was similar to tricking people into believing they were a vital part of a larger enterprise.

It’s common knowledge that humans are naturally sociable creatures who thrive when they feel included. One of the best things about social media is the opportunity it gives us to interact with one another online and strengthen our relationships with our friends and family.

For the sake of fostering that sense of community, we’re willing to foot the bill. In this respect, brands play a crucial role.

Corporations would like us to feel like we are part of a special club. They want us to feel like we’re an integral part of the business, because happy customers spend more. Instead of simply advertising their wares, as they once did (you know, before everyone had access to the internet), businesses are now attempting to make us feel unique in order to encourage us to buy.

Many companies foster a feeling of belonging to a select group by making special offers and promotions available to only a small subset of their target audience (typically their current customers).

Since this form of exclusivity has been shown to increase sales, it is now being used by businesses as a separate marketing strategy.

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