From 0 to $1M in revenue in 3 years (study)

Based on the Uber business model, GreenPal is a marketplace that links up lawn mowing services with customers.

The company went from having no revenue to a million dollar one in just three years.
Their annual growth rate is somewhere between 300 and 400%.

I’ll tell you the single most important factor that has contributed to their development.

They spent thousands on advertisements on Google, Facebook, and other platforms, only to discover that the majority of their business came from the review site Yelp at no cost to them. They zeroed in on Yelp as a result.

They needed a steady stream of genuine user reviews, though, if they were going to turn Yelp into a long-term acquisition channel.

The reviews on Yelp jumped the minute they implemented this idea.

They spent $100 on dog bones and catnip ($0.35 per bone) and began sending them out to customers with a thank-you note and the Yelp link. Review volumes on both email and Yelp increased after a few visits to the post office.

In just the last 18 months, this one idea has increased their income by a whopping 50%.

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