From 0 to $13M in 12 months with TODAY’S HACK

By selling mattresses, was able to make $13 million in their first year of business.


The following factors were crucial to their success:


  1. They made an effort to encourage clients to provide reviews on websites after making a purchase.

As a result, over 10,000 platforms have received 5-star reviews (that generated free traffic for them from those platforms)


  1. They follow up with the claim that this is “Australia’s highest rated mattress” or “best-reviewed mattress” as social evidence.


  1. They make a killer-looking offer that you should copy:

Headline: Free returns and pickups after a 120-night risk-free trial

Subheadline: We want you to dream on, play on, and sleep on your mattress before making a decision since we know it takes time to get to know your mattress. We’ll come pick it up if you don’t totally adore it and offer you a complete refund.


  1. They convey the following advantages: + Sleep longer, + Wake up feeling refreshed, + Not too firm, not too soft.


  1. In exchange for your email, they give you $100 off your purchase and sleep tips. (and keep in touch till you make a purchase:))


  1. They promote viral videos like this one (4 million views) using Facebook retargeting: after which they mock themselves in posts like this:


  1. And they made $13 Million by the end of the year:).



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