Epic examination of 10B impressions revealed where to get Cost-Per-Leads for up to 9x less

You undoubtedly consider “Where else can I obtain more leads?” every night before going to bed, just like every business founder, marketer, and growth hacker.


One day, I had an amazing discovery come to me.

Mavrck examined 10 billion or more impressions from a variety of paid platforms to determine which platforms offered the lowest cost per lead.


The outcomes are as follows: Cost Per Lead (USD):

#1: Posts from micro-influencers cost 1.52; #2: Posts from bloggers cost 8.26 (443% higher);

  1. Celebrity Tweets cost 11.03, or 625% more.
  2. Promoted Tweets cost 13.74, which is an 803% increase.

#5: 14.88 (878% more expensive) for Facebook News Feed Ads


If leads are your primary KPI, it appears that you are aware of where to allocate your Facebook advertising spending to obtain 9 times as many leads at the same cost.


Where are these enchanted micro-influencers to be found?


They are available on platforms that use influencer marketing.

I tested a lot of them today and discovered that this one was the easiest to get started with without spending any money. Famebit


This study inspired me to test it myself:).


Source: www.mavrck.com

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