Case study: “From zero to $125K in MRR.” The method to find your next winning business idea.

Nathan Barry grew his business from nothing to making more than $125,000 per month in just three years.

Here is how he came up with his great business idea.

1.Rather than looking for an idea, he was looking for a hard problem that he could solve.
2.He asked potential buyers three questions:
+What is the most important thing you do for your business?
+Does that thing hurt?
+ How do you spend the majority of your time?

3.When he ran into a hard problem, he checked with other companies in the same field to make sure it was true.

4.Then he found out how much these companies are willing to pay to get rid of this trouble.

5. He also sent a link to his pre-order page, which was the most important thing.

Result: 19 pre-orders ($2916).

Now, the idea made sense.



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