Ad targeting techniques used in secret increased opt-in rates for Periscopix by 181%

With the help of this clever targeting, Periscopix increased their opt-in rate by 181%.




Do you know about Gmail Ads?

The Gmail advertisement appears in your inbox as a regular email.


The reason your ad converts better into opt-ins is because it targets people who are now actively using email.


How do you turn on this covert targeting?


  1. Select “Use a different targeting strategy” when deciding how to target your adverts.


  1. Click on “Placements.”


  1. Find Gmail by searching for it; it will appear in the list.


  1. Select “” from the list that appears and add it.


  1. Once the campaign has been approved, you must select Ads -> Add AD -> Ad gallery.


  1. Select Gmail Ads and complete all of the fields.


P.S. Keep in mind that 75% of Gmail users access their accounts from a mobile device, so double check that your advertisement is optimised for the smaller screen and loads swiftly.


Neil Patel,

How to create a title for your interactive material that will be shared the most: BEST 10 WORDS (1 billion user analysis)


Gaining free traffic and becoming viral are challenging.


But when you understand data insights, it becomes easier.

especially with such profound thoughts…


They examined information from more than 1 billion users of interactive media (calculators, quizzes, generators, polls, etc.).


Here is what they discovered:


TOP 11 words from titles of the most popular interactive content:

#1. You #2. Who #3. Test #4. Vote #6. Name #7. Speculate #8. Recall #9 Personality #10 Knowledge #11 Character


The most popular number in the titles with the most shares is 11


Personality tests are the most common interactive type.


Here is a straightforward and cost-free tool for making your own personality test:



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