A minor adjustment enabled Vivek Nanda of Klara to convert 60% of their leads

Healthcare is difficult.

Prospects are exceedingly difficult to call.


According to Vivek Nanda of Klara, one adjustment increased demo call conversion for 60% of their healthcare leads.


How things used to be…


The internet advertisement was seen by visitors.

arrived at the landing page.

  1. They provided their information.
  2. A team member made contact with the lead.
  3. A demo was planned.


Here is the minor change that enabled them to convert 60% of their leads:


  1. He just eliminated #4.
  2. After completing the landing page form, they immediately redirected the lead to the meeting scheduling tool while the lead is still interested and focused on their website.


Higher conversions equate to a shorter sales cycle.


Source: Growthhackers.com

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