8 months to go from 0 to $30K/m (4-step study)

Any objective can be attained with years of tenacious hustling.

But is using your most valuable non-renewable resource—your time—the only acceptable form of payment?


No. There is a different approach.


It’s not necessary to begin at zero. You can start by buying an established company, blog, or website and expand from there.

These people acted in this manner.

They bought a blog. And they 2.6xed their sales in 8 months.


This is how they did it:


  1. With the assistance of investors, they purchased a blog with a tidy backlink profile and an old domain that brought in $12K per month.


  1. They produced fantastic infographics and requested publication from every relevant blog and website.

2.2. As a result, 500+ backlinks were obtained.


  1. They added more than 30 new articles (mostly top list posts).


  1. Regarding revenue generation, they added advertising.

On the sites featuring affiliate links, more call-to-actions and soft sales have been added.

4.3. Tried out many affiliate schemes and discovered some that paid more.


  1. Their organic traffic grew by three times.
  2. Revenue multiplied by 2.6 to equal $30K/m.


Within eight months, all of this.


Source: Rankingformula.com

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