1500x to 530M in that time (LinkedIn study)

Linkedin has increased from 500K to 530M users since 2003.

This is how…


Reid Hoffman and his team manually invited influential businesspeople from 2003 to 2007.

  1. Viral expansion (importing contacts, invitations sent via email).
  2. Launch of public profiles (SEO).


2008–2011: 1. Acquisition-focused growth team of about 15 employees.

  1. Local languages have been translated. Results: growth increases of +100% for each language.


  1. Devoted growth teams with a focus on recruitment, activation, relationships, retention, and resurrection notifications were established in 2012.
  2. Changed the emphasis from leads’ quantity to their quality.
  3. Mobile phone optimization
  4. emphasise collaborations and integrations (target users who are already on another platform).
  5. More local language translations.
  6. Pay attention to China, India, and emerging markets like Germany, Japan, and healthcare.
  7. Put extra effort into accelerating A/B tests.
  8. Paid advertisements for users with high LTV


Source Growthhackers.com

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