#1 easy team-building tip ($1.2 billion study)

Success begins with your team if you are creating a large firm. Finding and keeping the proper individuals is really difficult.


Tony experienced the same issue with his first startup: he detested and feared his staff.

So, he made the decision to establish his second one the right way by employing a straightforward team-building technique.


This trade-secret assisted him in creating Zappos, which Amazon purchased in 2009 for $1.2 billion.


His first venture taught him that professionalism is not the most important quality.

The passion ranks first.

He was in need of a method to sort out any workers who were only there for the pay.


He did as follows:

He started making a $2000 severance offer to his staff members.


To weed out inappropriate candidates right away, there is one crucial question to ask potential workers.

To find out whether they can give you concrete examples of when they went above and beyond the requirements of their past jobs.

You’ll be able to tell if they care more about their work than merely accomplishing the bare minimum if you can point to specific examples.


Give me specific examples is one of my favourite things to ask prospective employees. For me, it completely altered everything:).


 Source: medium.com

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