0 to $5M per year (Buffer study)

2010 saw the founding of Buffer. It now produces around $5 million annually.


How did they come up with this figure?

These developmental steps are:


  1. In November 2010, students in a college room in the United Kingdom launched the initial version of Buffer, an app for scheduling tweets. Leo Widrich handled marketing, while Joel Gascoigne wrote code.


  1. They made pitches to prominent, mid-sized, and smaller tech sites, but nobody was interested in writing about them.


  1. They made the decision to start their own blog. Leo produced almost 350 articles in the first nine months!


  1. Leo went back to contacting other sites, but this time he enquired as to whether their readers would be interested in comparable posts. After 10 months, Buffer had more than 100,000 users as a consequence of this technique.


  1. The crew relocated to Silicon Valley from the UK in July 2011.


  1. The San Francisco startup incubator AngelPad was the next.


  1. A half-year later, when 88% of potential investors turned them down, they were successful in raising $400,000.


  1. They moved to Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2012 as a result of visa complications.


  1. They included Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ in their tool in addition to Twitter.


  1. As a result, their publications shifted from focusing exclusively on Twitter to covering social media marketing as a whole. Their typical article shares doubled.


  1. Buffer had 1 million users by September 2013—16,000 of them were paying customers.


  1. To increase backlinks For blogs, Buffer developed a widget.

3000 bloggers embedded their widget as a result.

As a result of their artificial backlinks, Google blacklisted them.

Google restored Buffer after they removed the Robots.txt noindex directive for that URL.


  1. They adopted a new approach to link building: provide pertinent and interesting content that is so wonderful that others connect to your website. They now update virtually every day.


Source cognitiveseo.com

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