How to obtain 12 times more natural backlinks for nothing

Selling to an established customer has a 12 times higher chance of success than selling to a new prospect.

You’re aware of this.


But perhaps you’ve never considered that the identical idea can be used to obtain 12 times as many organic links.

In other words, those who have already referred traffic to your website are far more inclined to do so again.


Finding persons that have already linked to you is as follows:


  1. You should visit hl=en

Click “Add a property” to add your website if you haven’t already.


  1. From the list, select your website.


  1. To view links to your site, click “Search Traffic.”


  1. Below “Who links the most,” select “More.”


  1. You’ll get a list of every website that has linked to yours already. For the complete list of links, click “Download additional sample links.”


  1. In your “Thank You” email, let them know about your wonderful new article.
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