How to get 12x more organic backlinks for free…

It is 12 times more likely that a sale will be made to an established customer than to a new prospect.
You are aware of this already.

If you want twelve times as many organic links, you may use the same method.
What this means is that you may expect a lot more links from people who have already linked to your site before.

How to locate websites that have already linked to you

1.To begin, please visit
(To add your site, select “Add a property” if you haven’t already.)
2. Select the URL of the site you wish to visit. “Links To Your Site” under “Search Traffic.”’ve looked at the top linkers, click “More” to see other links.

5. you will see a list of all the sites that are now connecting to yours. Select “Download more sample links” to get the full collection of URLs.
6.Share your new fantastic content with them and say “thank you” in an email.

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