Because of this, 53% of visitors will leave your website; learn how to address this with 2 free tools

Google conducted significant study, finding that 70% of pages require 7 seconds for visual information above the fold to load.

While 53% of users abandon the page after 3 seconds.


That indicates that many people (of which there is a 70% chance that you are one) lose more than 50% of their mobile visitors (i.e., revenue).


AMP might be a remedy.

But there is a significant issue with it. Your opt-in pop-ups and advertisements won’t function on AMP.

As part of her experiment, Marie Haynes deleted AMP, and the result was a 40% boost in ad revenue.


So what do you do?


Here are 2 free programmes that will examine your website and provide you with step-by-step directions on how to speed it up:

  1. Google’s TestMySite
  2. GTmetrix

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