9 methods to improve retention

  1. To improve your retention, start by doing several tests with a modest budget for your potential future traffic channel. Don’t invest the entire budget till after that.


  1. Quicken the AHA moment for your visitors by making them experience and see the reality of your promise and the true value.


  1. Obtain their email address, establish a drip campaign with informative material, and deliver event-based alerts.


  1. To reactivate your audience, use all different types of alerts (SMS, push notifications, chatbots, etc.).


  1. Inquire as to their reasons for leaving. Correct the causes.


  1. Show your loyal customers how much you value them by providing them small presents, expressing your gratitude, sharing insider information, or hosting special events.


  1. Increase the value you offer through your product by removing or adding crucial features that aren’t being used.


  1. Create a sense of community among your consumers by giving them a sense that they are a part of something unique that upholds a mission or ideals that they both hold dear.


  1. Make your consumers pleased by exceeding their expectations with your first-rate customer service, first-rate paperwork, etc.


Source Quicksprout.com

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