This audience alone holds 85% of all consumer purchases. You probably market to the wrong one…

If you have ever tried to sell consumer goods and failed miserably, this could be why…

1. 85% of all consumer sales are made by women. Boom!
2. Ninety-one percent of women think that marketers don’t get them.

It means that even if you sell consumer goods for men, women are the ones who buy them, so you need to market to and persuade women ;).

Huh?! 😉

Here is more information broken down by industry:
1. Cars: 65% of purchasing decisions are made by women.
2. Computers: 66%
3. Healthcare: 80%
4. Bank accounts: 89%
5. New homes: 91%
6. Vocations: 92%
7. OTC Medicines: 93%
8. Food/Groceries: 93%

Blown. Away. Mind.



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