[Spell-binding case study] He made extra $692,500 in revenue by changing nothing but this… (unexpected)

Neil Patel made an unexpected data-driven project.

Once he decided to change,
– not his pitch,
– not the prices,

– and not even the type of companies he was meeting with.

He only chose to change one thing,
-and that was his clothes.

He started to wear very nice clothes.

His result
His close rate went from the usual 25% to 40% as a result.
In terms of money, it pulled in an extra $692,500.

He chose to do this experiment with a friend because he wanted to see if it had the same effect on someone who didn’t have as much money, experience, or business contacts.
The effects for his friend were just as amazing: he started making six figures a month and now drives a Lamborghini.

P.S. As someone who always wears shorts, T-shirts, or sportswear, that is mesmerising to me.

Source: www.quicksprout.com


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